Meeting Room Intelligence

At the end of day, you and the people you support have similar needs: you both want to create simple, reliable and hassle-free meeting room experiences that minimize tech complexities and encourage productivity.

That's where we come in.

With RoomReady, there's no stress. No mess. Your rooms just work. Period.


With View, you get the convenience of effortlessly monitoring all your meeting rooms without ever leaving your office. As the industry’s most comprehensive meeting room analytics tool, View’s intuitive platform easily helps identify and prioritize problems as they arise so they can be addressed quickly.

All the data is real-time and the easy-to-use dashboard empowers teams with the information to proactively monitor and maintain rooms. You can resolve incidents before they become larger issues…and often before users even know something is wrong.

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RoomReady Go may look like a simple little box, but it's actually the brains of your entire room. It even anticipates what you need. Walk in and the room automatically wakes up and turns on the lights and the display. Leave the room and it automatically resets so the next person in the room isn't blown away by the volume you used for that funny video during your meeting. When meeting space tech is this intuitive, you can focus on running an awesome meeting.

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RoomReady Connect is our simple app that allows you to control the room's tech with the most familiar device - your iPhone. Because your phone already contains your contacts, calendars, and WebEx access codes, you truly are in control of any RoomReady space. Available free on the App Store.


RoomReady Set is our wall-mounted rack that houses the tech equipment neatly behind the mounted display. Beyond its good looks, the Set saves you time and money with easier construction and faster installation. Available in Standard and Slim compliant designs.

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Touch 10 Wall Mount


Touch 10 Wall Mount by RoomReady allows the Cisco Touch to be put on the wall instead of your table. It eliminates cords to trip on and frees you to use the room how you want instead of being tethered by what the cords will let you do.